The Probate Court will often appoint a conservator for individuals who are incapable of caring for themselves and/or their property. Often, the conservator is a family member or a trusted friend of the respondent. In other situations, the Court may appoint a conservator to be responsible for protecting the interests of these individuals. A conservator is authorized by law to provide supervision and is an agent of the Court. As there are various types of conservatorships, it is recommended that anyone considering a conservatorship contact the Court, as well as legal counsel.

For a more detailed look at Guidelines for Conservators click here.

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  • Please note that there are fees associated with the filing of Conservatorships. All petitions for new conservatorships must be accompanied by:
    • A $250.00 check payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut”;
    • A $60.00 check payable to the “Fairfield Town Clerk” (if the respondent owns real property), and
    • A $60.00 check payable to “Constable” (for personal service on the respondent)

Common Conservatorship Forms:

PC-300 Petition for Appointment of Conservator

PC-301 Petition for Voluntary Representation by Conservator

PC-370 Physician’s Evaluation/Conservatorship

PC-371 Conservator’s Report

PC-184 Request/Order – Waiver of Fees/Petitioner

PC-184A Request/Order – Waiver of Fees/Respondent

PC-400 Petition to Sell or Mortgage Real Property

PC-440 Inventory

PC-441 Fiduciary’s periodic or Final Account (Short Form)

PC-442 Financial Report/Conservator Guardian

PC-442A Schedule A: Proposed Distribution/Final Financial Report

PC-480 Probate Bond

PC-482 Appointment of Judge of Probate as Agent for Service by Non-Resident Fiduciary