Decedents’ Estates


probate court fairfield ctThe responsibility for settling the affairs of a decedent often falls upon a family member or friend. When a person who owns property dies, the probate court in the town where the deceased resided at the time of their passing becomes involved in overseeing the division of property among those legally entitled to it. Since many of the estates handled in the probate courts deal with complex statutes and tax laws, it is important for each person to seek the advice of an attorney of their choosing when faced with such legal problems. Please note that the Court cannot give you that legal advice.

For a more detailed look at the guidelines for administration of decedents’ estates click here.


  • Please note that there are fees associated with the filing of Decedent’s Estates. All petitions for new estates must be accompanied by:
  • A $36.75 check payable to “Brooks Community Newspapers” for a newspaper notice to creditors, and
  • A $53.00 check payable to “Fairfield Town Clerk” (if the decedent owned any solely-owned property)
  • Please note, fees are subject to change.

The Fairfield Probate Court will record the death notice on the land records.

  • Additionally, please note that applications for sales of real estate must be accompanied by an additional $36.75 check made out to Brooks Community Newspapers.
  • The probate fee is billed at the filing of the succession or estate tax return, and the rates are set by state statutes.


Common forms needed in Decedents’ Estate are:

Click Here for the Guidelines for Administration of Decedents’ Estates booklet

PC-170 Report of Court-Appointed Attorney

PC-180 Second Sheet

PC-181 General Waiver

PC-183 Appearance of Attorney

PC-200 Petition/Administration or Probate of Will

PC-201 Petition/Ancillary Probate of Will

PC-202 Petition and Decree for Support Allowance

PC-203 Petition/Decree and Return – Safe Deposit Box

PC-204 Petition/Declaration of Insolvent Estate

PC-205S Petition for Certificate Releasing Connecticut Succession and Estate Tax Liens

PC-205B Petition for Certificate Releasing Liens

PC-210 Affidavit in Proof of Will and/or Codicil

PC-211 Affidavit for Filing Will not Submitted for Probate

PC-212 Affidavit in Lieu of Probate of Will

PC-212A Request for Order of Distribution

PC-213 Affidavit of Closing of Decedent’s Estate

PC-234 Notice to Creditors to Present Claims

PC-237 Return of Claims and List of Notified Creditors (No Calculations)

PC-237 Return of Claims and List of Notified Creditors (With Calculations)

PC-241 Cover Sheet/Administration Account/Decedent’s Estate

PC-242 Decedent’s Estate Administration Account (Short Form)

PC-244A Waiver of Right to Hearing Re: Financial Report

PC-245 Acceptance and Waiver Re: Final Account

PC-250 Certificate of Devise, Descent, or Distribution

PC-280 Bond Waiver

PC-284 Acceptance of Trust/Ex Parte Decree Qualifying Testamentary Trustee

PC-400 Petition to Sell or Mortgage Real Property

PC-440 Inventory

PC-441 Fiduciary’s periodic or Final Account (Short Form)

PC-480 Probate Bond

PC-482 Appointment of Judge of Probate as Agent for Service by Non-Resident Fiduciary

CT-706 NT Connecticut Estate Tax Return (for Nontaxable Estates)

CT-706 NT EXT Application for Extension of Time

CT-706 NT instructions

CT-706-709 Booklet

CT-706/709 Connecticut Estate and Gift Tax Form

CM-79 Connecticut Application for Extension of Time to Pay