Guardianship of the Intellectually Disabled


Persons with intellectual disabilities may be unable to meet essential requirements for their physical health and safety, or unable to make informed decisions about matters related to their care. A Court appointed guardian is not necessary for all adults with intellectual disabilities, however, the Probate Court is authorized to appoint a guardian in cases where it would be appropriate. The Court works in conjunction with the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. For assistance specific to your matter, please contact the Court.

For a more detailed look at Probate Court procedures involving persons with intellectual disabilities click here.

All petitions for new guardianships must be accompanied by:

  • $250.00 check payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut”;
  • A $50.00 check payable to “Constable” (for personal service on the respondent)

Guardianship of the Intellectually Disabled Forms:

PC-700 Petition/Guardianship of Person with Intellectual Disability

PC-7007 Petition for Authority to Manage Finances
of a Protected Person

PC-771 Guardian’s Report/Guardianship of Person with Intellectual Disability