probate court fairfield ctInterest charges will apply to late payment of certain Probate fees beginning in 2011.

Public Act 10-184 Section 1 requires probate courts to charge interest on the late payment of certain probate fees beginning in 2011. The following is a summary of the interest rules contained in the act:

  • Interest accrues at the rate of 0.5% per month for late payment of probate fees
  • Interest applied only for fees on decedents’ estates
  • Accrual of interest begins:
    • 30 days after the date of a court’s invoice, or
    • If an estate tax return is not filed by the due date, 30 days after the date it was due (including any extension)
  • An estate is exempt from interest if:
    • The basis for costs does not exceed $40,000
    • Any portion of the estate passes to a surviving spouse and the basis for costs does not exceed $500,000
  • A court may extend the time for payment of the probate fee and interest will not accrue during the extension period
  • A court cannot waive previously accrued interest
  • The interest rules apply to the estates of individuals who die on or after January 1, 2011.

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