Temporary Custody & Guardianships for Minors


Under certain circumstances, it becomes necessary to appoint or remove a guardian of a minor. The Probate Court is given the responsibility for such appointments and removals. Court-appointed guardians are responsible for protecting the interests of such minors, and act as an agent of the Probate Court.

Common Temporary Custody and Guardianship Forms:

PC-500 Petition/Removal of Guardian

PC-501 Petition/Immediate Temporary Custody

PC-502 Petition/Temporary Custody

PC-504 Petition/Appointment of Temporary Guardian

PC-510 Custodian’s Affidavit/Immediate Temporary Custody

PC-570 Guardian’s Report/Guardianship of the Person of a Minor

PC-610 Affidavit/Temporary Custody, Removal, Termination, or Adoption

PC-184 Request/Order – Waiver of Fees/Petitioner

PC-184A Request/Order – Waiver of Fees/Respondent